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Ultra-soft water/skin-beautifying shower filter

Ultra-soft water/skin-beautifying shower filter (for softening shower water only)

Produces ultra-soft shower water, which makes your skin smooth, silky, and supple.
Removes substances that are harmful to your skin, such as chlorine. Helps reduce stiffness of skin as well as coarseness of hair.
Ideal for people with sensitive skin and beauty/health-conscious people.
Easy to install/remove, this product can be taken with you when you move.
Our original hand shower comes with an external box containing ion exchange resin.
The compact body easily fits in a shower room.  

-Lease option: $27.95 plus taxes and installation fees (maintenance costs included; maintenance kit shipped)
-Purchase option: $595.00 plus taxes and shipping


Why is ultra-soft water good for your skin?
Studies on hot springs with skin-beautifying effects have found that many of these hot springs have ultra-soft water. Why is this so?

Calcium and magnesium contained in water are responsible for hardness of the water. These “hardness” minerals in water naturally bond with fatty acid in soap, the main ingredient for cleansing and moisturizing, to produce soap scum, which significantly diminishes the cleansing power and lathering property of soap. As more soap is used to make up for this deficiency, more soap scum is produced, which may remain on your skin as residue. As a result, your skin may stiffen or your hair may become coarse. With soft water, however, soap lathers considerably better. Since less soap is used, there will be less irritation to the skin. With minimal residual soap scum, your skin will smoothen and your hair will be sleek, reducing the need to use large amounts of moisturizer. Since soft water is gentle to the skin, many people with chapped hands, sensitive skin, or atopic dermatitis report an improvement in their symptoms after switching to soft water.

For people with sensitive skin as well as beauty/health-conscious people, the ultra-soft water shower will be a must-have item once they start using it.

Easy maintenance!
We will ship the maintenance kit to you every 4 months. There will be no additional charges for the maintenance kit or shipping, since these are included in the monthly lease charges.

Product specifications:
  Shower water softener, main unit
  : Length: 18cm (7”) / width: 36cm (14”) / height: 43cm(17”)
  Shower head (with a hose)
  : Shower handle with built-in filter
  : Three-way massage spray
  : 72-inch (182-cm) reinforced hose
  : Average cartilage replacement period: every 3 months or every 3,000 gallons (about 11,400 liters) of water produced

User testimonials:
-“My hair is no longer dry or rough.”
-“Soft water truly warms the body.”
-“Shampoo and body soap lather better in soft water.”
-“Skin troubles are gone.”
-“I don’t need to apply moisturizing cream anymore.”
-“It is much easier to clean the bathroom because it stays clean!”
-“Now I can enjoy a babble bath just like in the movies!”
-“Skin itch has disappeared.”
-“The entire body feels smooth.”


What are water softeners?
The water softener is a device that softens water by removing calcium and magnesium contained in hard water through the exchange of positively-charged ions in the resin. Scale (crystallization of minerals) resulting from continuous use of hard water can build up in water heaters, dish washers, washing machines, and pluming, impairing the efficiency of such products and lessening their product life.
With soft water, however, scale build-up will not occur, and damage to the above products will be minimal, making it possible to significantly cut costs in various ways. Detail

2 types of water softeners

Water softener for the entire house
Water softener for the entire house

Ultra-soft water/skin-beautifying shower filter (for softening shower water only)
Ultra-soft water/skin-beautifying shower filter (for softening shower water only)

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