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The reverse osmosis water purification system is commonly used in the manufacturing process of bottled water sold to consumers. However, rather than buying bottled water manufactured at factories and distributed by vehicles, if it is possible, wouldn’t it be more efficient and safer to produce water that is of the same quality as or even better than bottled water at a location where the water is actually consumed, such as at home, in an office, or a restaurant? With Fuji Water’s reverse osmosis water purification systems, this possibility has become a reality.

Fuji Water products are environmentally friendly systems that eliminate the need to buy bottled water and the risks associated with turning heavy water bottles upside down, with the additional benefit of resource conservation. Even though various water purifiers are available on the market, only the reverse osmosis water purification system can purify water at the molecular level.

The human body consists mostly of water. Although there are individual differences based on one’s sex and age, water accounts for about 70% of a child’s weight and 60 to 65% of an adult’s weight. This means that the quality of water we consume daily for drinking and cooking is critical for our well-being.

Unpleasant-tasting water, unsavory food, skin troubles, allergies…If you are having any of these problems, we suggest you try our reverse osmosis water purification systems.

Fuji Water products, once installed, allow you to consume unlimited quantities of water that is of the same quality as bottled water for fixed monthly fees. Our systems can also be installed in a rented house or apartment. In addition to the purchase option, the lease option is available.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your water needs in an office or factory. Fuji Water, a water specialist, will be happy to discuss the best way to meet your needs.

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