We sell, lease, install & maintain RO & other water filtration systems

Fuji Water
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Fuji Water products are friendly to the environment and users.
point 1 Affordable
Monthly lease options are available. Starting as low as $21.95 per month.
Fuji Water
point 2 Safety / peace of mind
Our products remove up to 95% of impurities present in tap water.
point 3 Tasty water
Our products produce tasty drinking water, as well as water suitable for making delicious soups and flavorful, aromatic teas.
point 4 Advanced technology
This technology is also used by NASA and the UN.
point 5 Convenience
Fuji Water frees you from the inconvenience of having to buy water at stores and the risks associated with turning heavy water bottles upside down.
point 6 Reliable customer service
We will periodically advise you when to replace filters and do on-site maintenance. With Fuji Water’s first-rate customer service, installation and maintenance will be worry-free.
point 7 Go Green!
Once Fuji Water’s earth-friendly water purification system is installed, you will no longer need to discard used water bottles or have someone burn gasoline to deliver bottled water to your location, making our products friendly to users as well as the environment.


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