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It should be noted that toxic substances such as lead, arsenic, manganese, and cadmium are also minerals.

Frequently asked questions about reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems

Reverse Osmosis WaterQ1: What sets your products apart from other water purifiers?
A : Fuji Water systems produce highly purified water that is safe and harmless by filtering water at the molecular level through the membrane filter, which thoroughly removes harmful substances present in tap water. Because water purification takes place at the molecular level, this technology can be used to convert seawater as well as whisky, coffee, and even urine into freshwater. We are not associated with any network marketing business, and do not advertise any health benefits of our products that are scientifically unproven.
The effectiveness of this technology in removing radiation has been acknowledged by the US Environmental Protection Agency. For more information, see “Are reverse osmosis water purifiers capable of removing iodine 131 and cesium 137?

Q2 : It seems too cumbersome to do maintenance.
A : We use a computerized maintenance system, so our customers do not need to keep track of their filter replacement. Each year, when it is time to replace filters, we will notify you.

Q3 : Can your products be installed in apartments?
A : People living in a rented house or apartment can be assured that our products can be installed without drilling a hole in the kitchen sink. No additional openings are required, since we use optional parts (water gaps).

Q4 : Do your products remove minerals as well?
A : You may think minerals are good for your body, but toxic substances such as lead, arsenic, manganese, and cadmium are also classified as minerals. Some companies may claim to keep only the beneficial minerals; however, since these minerals exist as atoms, it is impossible to distinguish between harmful and harmless minerals and selectively remove the undesirable ones. Furthermore, even with calcium-rich mineral water sold on the market, you must consume several glasses of such water to obtain the same amount of calcium contained in a glass of milk.

Q5 : Are your products reasonably-priced?
A : Our products can be leased for as low as $21.95 per month. If the cost of a 5-gallon bottle of water is $8.50, it will cost $51.00 to have 6 bottles delivered to your place. By contrast, once Fuji Water’s system is installed, you will be liberated from the worry of running out of water as well as the inconvenience of having to buy water at stores. And, our system eliminates the need to turn heavy water bottles upside down.

Q6 : What does it mean to be certified by the US Water Quality Association as water specialists?
A : Fuji Water has been certified as a water specialist by the US Water Quality Association (WQA).
While it is not difficult to become a member of this association, Fuji Water is more than a mere member. Our organization is a water specialist entity with technical expertise and skill in various areas including properties of water, substances dissolved in water, water treatment theory and technology, and equipment installation. This enables us to design a water treatment system that fulfills your objectives and purposes based on our analysis of your pre-treated water. You may need to consume large quantities of water at a factory or restaurant, or you may want to prevent scale buildup without the need to produce purified water, or you may want to create ultra-soft water. Whatever your specific needs may be, we are ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact us.


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