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Water produced by Fuji Water products is not only safe, but also friendly to the human body as well as facilities and equipment.

RO Water For All Your Needs!!!

Coffee, Tea and Other Beverages:

Coffee, Tea and Other Beverages:
Most beverages are over 90 percent water and turn out to be no better than the water from which they are made from. Mineral salts, organic tastes and odors interfere with the chemistry of coffee and especially tea. Other beverages that may be affected by the quality of water include whisky and ice. Your RO water allows the full essence of your brews to come through.

Cooking & Low Sodium, Weight loss-

Cooking Low Sodium, Weight loss:
Ordinary tap water with its chemical additives, mineral salts, and organic impurities can interfere with the natural flavor of vegetables, soups, and most anything cooked in or with water. RO water is also perfect for most low sodium weight loss diets. The excess mineral salts (including sodium) in tap and softened water can result in an increase in body fluids or sodium levels. With and RO water system, these factors are practically eliminated.

Boiling Spaghetti and Steaming Vegetables in Pure 

Boiling Spaghetti and Steaming Vegetables in Pure Water:
Cooking food like spaghetti or steaming vegetables in filtered water is much more costly if bottled water is used. One of the other benefits you’ll discover is that your RO water puts an end to the annoying scale build-up on your pots and pans.


Cooking Rice and Drinking Water:
Rice absorbs 70% of the water that it is cooked in from the first wash to the end product, so use RO water from the beginning!. Rice is fluffier and tastes more delicious! Try 6-8 glasses of RO water each day. Since water is vital to every process in your body, why not use RO water? RO water will also help cleanse the body of toxins that affect our well being.

Baby Formulas and for Taking Medicines

Baby Formulas and for Taking Medicines:
Because infants are especially susceptible to the hazards of water contaminants such as lead from household plumbing, there is no better use for your RO water than preparing their foods and formula.
Use RO water when taking medicines. It doesn't influence the active ingredient but provides a pure medium for the dissolution of medicine and enables it to be absorbed easier.

Rinsing Hair and Face Wash

Rinsing Hair and Face Wash:
For the absolute softest, shiniest hair, there is nothing like a final rinse with your RO water. It has none of the dulling chemicals or mineral salts that are left behind by city water when your hair dries. Just wash your hair as usual and then pour a container of RO water over your hair. Gently towel dry and appreciate the wonderful results. Washing your face with RO water provides gentler skin.

Aquarium and Plants

Aquarium and Plants:
Fish love pure water too! Whether you have fresh water fish or use fresh water to prepare saltwater aquariums, it’s best to start with water having as few impurities as possible. All of your greenery, including cut flowers, will thrive better and longer on RO water. Potted plants won’t have to be flushed out regularly to get rid of mineral salt build-up when your RO water is used. Try it the difference can be dramatic!

Steam Irons, Hot pots , Humidifiers, Glasses and 
      Automobile Batteries, and Windshield Washers

Steam Irons, Hot pots , Humidifiers, Glasses and Automobile Batteries, and Windshield Washers:
Reducing mineral salt build-up will substantially extend the life of your Steam irons, Hot pots and Humidifiers. No more annoying scale build-up on your pots and pans. You can also use RO water for washing glassware.

The difference is plain to see!

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