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FJ-ODY480 / Dispenser RO

FJ-ODY480 / Dispenser RO

3 types of water (cold/room-temperature/hot water) can be dispensed.

-Lease option: $59.95 -/Month + Taxes
-Purchase option: $1,750.00 + Taxes (warranty for parts: 1 year from purchase date, annual maintenance cost: approx. $300.00)

Specification:   contlor panelFJ-ODY480 / Dispenser RO
bottled water unnecessary
Model : FJ-ODY480
Pressure (min.-max) : 60-120 psi
Temperature : 40-100F
Total Dissolved Solids : <1000ppm
pH Range : 3-11
Production rate : 80GPD
Rejection Rate : 85 – 99%
System Size (WxDxH) : 14.2x 16.3 x 52.0 inch, 80 lbs. (Approx)
3 types of water : cold/room-temperature/hot water

1st Filter : Sediment Filter 5μ
2nd Filter : Carbon Block Filter
3rd Filter : TFC Membrane 80GPD
4th Filter : Inline Carbon Filter
5th Filter : UV Filter

Optional plan:
Filter replacement (every 6 months) : $7.50 per month (filters are replaced every 6 months)

Description of lease option:
Lease term : 2 years (after the initial lease term, the lease will be automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis. Give us a 30-day notice to terminate the lease.)
Payment : Your credit card will be charged 25th of each month
Filter replacement : Complimentary replacement during the lease term (once a year)
Warranty : 2 years
Security deposit : Will be returned at the time of return of the product
Early termination fee : $500.00
Relocation fee : There will be additional charges for changing the location of the product during the lease term due to moving or for other reasons. Please ask for details.

3 types of RO for office use Countertop model RO
Easy-to-install countertop model
Dispenser (cold/room-temperature/hot water)
Dispenser (cold/room-temperature/hot water, ice)

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