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FJ-WHSL / Whole House Carbon 20" Filter System

The carbon reduces chlorine taste, odor, color from the water in your sinks, showers, and faucets. If you are looking for 90-99% pure water for your entire house, Whole house RO system is highly recommended.

- Purchase option: :$645.00 + Taxes

Product :
1. Sediment Filter : Removes sediment Fine Dirt, Sand, Silt and Scale Particles Removes> 99% of 10 micron Particles
2. KDF-GAC-Poly Phosphate : Reduces Chlorine and  Bacteria
3. Carbon Block Filter : Improves Taste, color and  Eliminates Odors
  * Whole house softener is recommended

Whole house carbon system and whole house softener
Valve : Fleck 2700, 2900, 3150
Production rate : 18GPM and up
Ion exchange resin : 2.0CF and up
Tank size (W x D x H) : 12×52 inch
Brine tank (W x D x H) : 14×14×34 inch
Multi-media filter, carbon filter and other
whole house softener

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